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Africa Top 10 Destinations

Africa Top 10 Destinations 10 Tunis, Tunisia 9 Namibia 8 Madagascar 7 Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 6 Cape Town, South Africa 5 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 4 Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya 3 Casablanca, Morocco 2 Cairo, Eqypt 1 Seychelles

Morocco,kaleidoscope that always changes

Morocco is a kaleidoscope that always changes From Mottled ancient city of Marrakech To old telling stories Fez From the stunning Great Mosque in Casablanca To the massive yellow sand of the Sahara Desert From the dream blue color of Chefchaouen To the End of the World in Gibraltar Even carpets, ceramics, spices are also […]

Seychelles, Feel the temperature of the beach

If you wonder what to do in Seychelles There is nothing more worth doing than enjoying leisurely Forget the travel guide, apply sunscreen Feel the temperature of the beach Plunge into the sea Let’s spend another afternoon dazing Victoria is the most prosperous here Mahe Island has fun-filled forest parks Praslin Island has stunning granite […]

Cape Town, South Africa,The Cape of Good Hope , whale watching spot

Here is the close proximity of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans Cape Town, South Africa The Cape of Good Hope is a landmark of the city Sea a little off the shore is the best whale watching spot in the world Also inhabit a large number of flamingos There are also spotted penguins unique to […]

Sahara , largest desert , camel

Every time I miss you A grain of sand will fall from the sky the formation of the Sahara In this largest desert on earth Stay away from mobile phones and the Internet Live a simple life Surf the sand, ride a camel, watch the sunset With Traveldom together Go to your sahara

Komodo Island , pink beach, Indonesia,colorful corals,Padar Island ,symmetrical half-moon bays

Have you ever imagined a pink beach? Komodo Island in Indonesia There is a red coral that was blown away by the waves Mixed into the white sand to form a pink beach It arouses your girly heart perfectly Dive into the water and admire the colorful corals There is also a Padar Island nearby […]

Cairo, pyramids, desert, Nile, Egypt

Come to Cairo In the vast desert, On the banks of the Nile, In front of temples and pyramids, Have a conversation that travels through time and space. Pyramid overlooks the world for seven thousand years On both sides of the Nile, tall palm trees sway in the wind The Cairo Museum houses the treasures […]


Hemingway describes here the incredible white light The snow of Mount Kilimanjaro Kenya An incredible country The elephants live peacefully waving their nose Pink flamingos fly all over the sky The giraffe stomps leisurely Zebra herd always stay alert Because lions often roam nearby The rhino sticks to its slow lifestyle Ostriches keep their graceful […]

Kenya, Paradise of Animals

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