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North America Top 10 Destinations

North America Top 10 Destinations

Canada Top 10 Destinations

Canada Top 10 Destinations 10 CN Tower, Toronto 9 Casa Loma Castle 8 University of Toronto 7 Night View, Vancouver 6 Lake Louise 5 Vancouver Island Bay 4 Columbia Ice field 3 Banff National Park 2 Niagara Falls 1 By the Arctic Ocean

Mexico Top 10 Destinations

Mexico Top 10 Destinations 10 Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City 9 Morelia 8 Iconic church, San Miguel de Allende 7 Teotihuacan, Mexico City 6 EL Meco Waterfall 5 Mayan Ruins, Uxmal 4 Yucatan Coloradas 3 Cenote Cristalino 2 Chichen Itza 1 Cancun

California Top 10 Destinations

California Top 10 Destinations 10 Big Bear Lake 9 Silicon Valley 8 Napa Valley 7 Death Valley National Park 6 Balboa Park, San Diego 5 Universal Studios, Los Angeles 4 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 3 Joshua Tree National Park 2 Lake Tahoe 1 Yosemite National Park

Toronto,Canada,CN Tower,Casa Loma

Canada’s largest city Toronto Only 100 kilometers from Niagara Falls Has a reputation as a diversified city The CN Tower is a landmark of the city The architecture of the University of Toronto is ancient and elegant The Chinatown here is also the largest in Canada Casa Loma is the oldest castle in Canada Area […]

USA Top 10 Things to Do

10 White House in DC. 9 Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco 8 Metropolitan museum in New York 7 Niagara Falls 6 Ski at Lake Tahoe 5 Leisure at Miami Beach 4 Visit Silicon Valley & Stanford 3 Glacier at Alaska 2 Hot Springs at Yellowstone 1 Hiking at Grand Canyon

Quebec,Canada,French flavor,Quebec Castle

Quebec City in Canada has a strong French flavor It is also the only city in North America with ancient city walls French is the official language here A day of wandering in the French quarters of the old town Quebec Castle is highest in the city With majestic, gorgeous appearance and full of European […]

Top 10 US National Parks

美国十大国家公园 Top 10 US National Parks Top 10 Joshua Tree National Park 约书亚树国家公园 9 Rocky Mountain National Park 落基山国家公园 8 Bryce Canyon National Park 布莱斯峡谷国家公园 7 Grand Teton National Park 大提顿国家公园 6 Zion National Park 锡安国家公园 5 Arches National Park 拱门国家公园 4 Glacier National Park 冰川国家公园 3 Yosemite National Park 优胜美地国家公园 2 Grand Canyon National […]

Top 10 US Travel Cities

美国十大旅游城市 Top 10 US Travel Cities 开头 Top 10 Boston 波士顿 9 Santa Fe 圣菲 8 Los Angeles 洛杉矶 7 Las Vegas 拉斯维加斯 6 Washington DC. 华盛顿 5 Chicago 芝加哥 4 New York 纽约 3 Honolulu 檀香山 2 San Francisco 旧金山 1 Miami 迈阿密

Philadelphia,Liberty Bell,The Declaration of Independence , the Constitution

Philadelphia is the birthplace of United States The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were born here The Liberty Bell bears witness to these histories Independence Hall was the place where the American founders’ held meetings to establish the country Philadelphia museums has an extremely rich of collection The city hall is also a century-old […]

Santa Fe,Capital of New Mexico State in USA,Handicrafts

Santa Fe, Capital of New Mexico State in USA Located at the southern end of the Rocky Mountains Multiple cultures merge here The natural scenery of mountains and rivers stretches here Exquisite multicultural buildings are beautiful scenery Handicrafts are also a national recognized Come to Traveldom to see Santa Fe

Banff,Banff National Park,Canadian Rockies

Banff located in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies is one part resort town and one part breathtaking natural retreat with over 4,600 feet in elevation It makes Banff Canada’s highest town Banff National Park is known for its wildlife And fairy-tale like nature with mountains, lakes, snows and trees make the drive to […]