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Cappadocia ,Turkey, exciting hot air balloon ride

Cappadocia in Turkey Features cave stone house with ingenious workmanship Desolate and magnificent karst landform And exciting hot air balloon ride Walking through the city among the rocks Stay in a unique cave hotel in Goreme Then fly in a hot air balloon at an altitude of one kilometer 360-degree field of view meets the […]

Abu Dhabi , the most luxurious mosque in the world

If you must find a city richer than Dubai That is Abu Dhabi The most luxurious mosque in the world Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque With 80 domes, around 1,000 pillars, and 24K Pure Gold Chandelier The only Ferrari theme park in the world The green coastal promenade beside the blue Persian Gulf Mangrove National Park […]

Istanbul , Turkey, Europe and Asia,Hagia Sophia , the Blue Mosque,Galata Tower,Dolmabahce Palace

The city where Europe and Asia meet Istanbul is a place of fusion Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque are across the street The former is rich and exquisite inside, becoming the design template for later mosques The latter is the only mosque with six towers, covered with blue glazed porcelain Galata Tower not far […]

Dubai, seven-star sailing hotel, Burj Khalifa, golden coastline, Palm Island , most luxurious city

Dubai With the world’s first seven-star sailing hotel Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world The world’s largest shopping mall The world’s largest musical fountain Enjoy yourself in the golden coastline Go to the nearby desert for sand washing and hot air ballooning Aerial view of Palm Island by helicopter Adventure in the water […]

Jerusalem, Wailing Wall, Jews, Mount of Olives, Mount Zion

In this old town that spans less than a quarter mile Contains the most sacred sites of Christians, Jews and Muslims in the world This is Jerusalem The Jewish Quarter has the famous Wailing Wall The Jews come here to tell the suffering of thousands of years of separation Church of the Holy Sepulchre of […]