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Amritsar, the border of India and Pakistan,Golden Temple

Amritsar is located on the border of India and Pakistan It means “nectar pond” in Hindi The Golden Temple is the largest Sikh temple in India A total of 750 kilograms of gold was consumed during construction The magnificent temple is surrounded by a pond of jade liquid Embedded with Islamic architecture ‘s solemn and […]

Beijing,capital of China,Tianan Gate,The Forbidden City

Beijing is the capital of China It’s like the ancient city frozen in the photo Line up the ruins of the imperial city along the central axis of the city Tianan Gate is the center of the country Tianan Gate Square is home to many important buildings The Forbidden City is the imperial palace of […]

China Top 10 Destinations

China Top 10 Destinations Top 10 Yangshuo, Guangxi 9 Nanjing Road, Shanghai 8 Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong 7 West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang 6 Suzhou Gardens, Jiangsu 5 Tibet 4 Huang Mountains, Anhui 3 Forbidden City, Beijing 2 Jiuzhai Valley, Sichuan 1 Great Wall

Garden in Suzhou, chant, landscape garden

Suzhou gardens are like an oriental cultural corridor A continuous chant, elegant without limit Flowing flower light and water shadow Lining the misty sky Although the gardens are small But they absorbe the most beautiful part of nature Misty rainy Suzhou, clean and free of dust In the golden autumn, the frosty leaves are red […]

Ho Chi Minh City, Little Paris of the East, French feelings

Ho Chi Minh City is known as the Little Paris of the East Full of strong French feelings Pass through the French exquisite house Watch the sun shine through the sycamore on the wall As if in France Old Saigon has concentrated most of the attractions The Red Church, the Central Post Office and the […]

Hokkaido , lavender,white snow,Snow country trains,ice and snow romance

Hokkaido not only has lavender But also with the prettiest white snow Snow country trains in comics can be seen everywhere The red torii is more vivid in the snow When the snow is falling, the whole world is like a fairy tale The kingdom of ice and snow that makes people forget everything Traveldom […]

Hong Kong,Colonial history,Victoria Harbour,one of the most crowded places on earth

Previous life of the fishing village gave her a pure appearance Colonial history gave her a strong skeleton And the vicissitudes of not belonging to her age Hong Kong Essence at night in Victoria Harbour Or take the cable car of Victoria Peak to have a panoramic view As one of the most crowded places […]

India Top 10 Destinations

India Top 10 Destinations 10 Pushkar 9 Krishna temple, Vrindavan 8 Udaipur,City of Lakes 7 Ganga River 6 Bada Bagh, Rajasthan 5 Golden temple, Amritsar 4 Red Fort Lal Qila, Delhi 3 Palace of the Winds, Rajasthan 2 Jodhpur, Blue City 1 Taj Mahal, Agra


Izmir is a pearl on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Here, stroll along the promenade, as if you are in the streets of Europe. As Hugo said, Izmir “is like a princess, accompanied by her beautiful white veil; It’s like a happy spring, accompanied by the singing that she gently evokes. ” Christianity in ancient […]

Japan Top 10 Destinations

Japan Top 10 Destinations 10 Hokkaido Lavender 9 Emperor’s Imperial Palace, Tokyo 8 Night Sight at Tokyo Bay 7 Osaka Castle 6 Harbor night and Beef at Kobe 5 Gion in Kyoto 4 Snow in Hokkaido 3 Shinto Gate of Miyajima 2 Kinkaku Temple in Kyoto 1 Fuji Mountain

Jiuzhai Valley

At Jiuzhai Valley, water weaves here into waterfalls, sea lakes and sea of trees with lifelong loyalty To form the Spring full of peach blossoms, a fairy tale world that does not discern where it comes from The sea of trees in the morning, with water, softly trickle them, and soft shadows illuminate the water […]


A place to be in a daze Heavenly leisure and laze The Maldives More than a thousand coral islands, like pearls scattered on both sides of the equator The necklace that God casts on earth Dip in the sea in the morning and drink a glass of lady wine Stare blankly at the pure sea […]