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Hallstatt: the Most Beautiful Town, the Source of Inspiration for the Kingdom of Allendale (Frozen)

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Vienna, world music, The Golden Hall, the blue Danube, Schönbrunn Palace

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Reine: the Biggest Fishing Village, a Dreamy world

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Faroe Islands,the most beautiful island in the world, a forgotten paradise on earth

National Geographic once rated as the most beautiful island in the world Faroe Islands in Denmark Language can hardly describe the magnificence here A forgotten paradise on earth Life is too short Hurry up and watch the world with traveldom

Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, churches and Victorian buildings, Scottish Bridge

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland With many ancient churches and Victorian buildings Walk the Royal Mile to touch the pulse of the city Standing on Calton Hill and overlooking the city Visit the Magnificent Edinburgh Castle Enjoy an British afternoon tea Sip an authentic whisky Look at the engineering marvel of the Scottish Bridge Scotland […]

Europe Top 10 City Nights

Europe Top 10 city nights 10 Barcelona, Spain 9 Zurich, Switzerland 8 Athens, Greece 7 Lisbon, Portugal 6 Venice, Italy 5 London, England 4 Prague, Czech Republic 3 Stockholm, Sweden 2 Paris, France 1 Moscow, Russia

Lake Thun, Switzerland, the right eye of God,Alps

The world of fairy tales comes true instantly Lake Thun in Switzerland is called the right eye of God In the shadow of the towering Alps The lake is as calm as emerald The small towns along the lake are peaceful and delicate Let you find a long-lost touch in these unfamiliar places. The castle […]


The Mediterranean is surrounded by the European continent to the north, And the African continent to the south and the Asian continent to the east, It is the largest sea between lands in the world. Also the oldest sea in the world, Its history is older than the Atlantic Ocean. As a sea between lands, […]

Colmar,the Venice of France

Named after the canal and flower boat Colmar in France Known as the Venice of France With many Michelin restaurants Dreamy and colorful wooden band house Quiet and cozy winding alleys Romantic freehand bridge and flowing water Come to Traveldom to experience French tenderness and romance

Amsterdam, Venice of the North, Dam Square, Keukenhof Park, tulips, Holland

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is called the Venice of the North Bridges and rivers are crisscrossed Charming windmill Intoxicating tulips The legendary artist Van Gogh Fragrant cheese Unique buildings are the business card of the city Dam Square is full of history The Keukenhof Park has more than 100 kinds of tulips White is pure, […]

Milan,fashion and design capital of the world

Milan has two world class soccer teams in one city AC Milan and International Milan Also known as the fashion and design capital of the world Historically the capital of the Western Roman Empire The La Scala in Milan is one of the most famous theaters in the world Puccini premiered “Madame Butterfly” and “Princess […]

Copenhagen,mermaid,Denmark,kingdom of fairytales,Michelin,Nyhavn,Amalienborg Palace,Gifion Fountain

Pursuing the mermaid described by Andersen Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, regarded as kingdom of fairytales The charm is not limited Most numbers of Michelin restaurants in the world are here Cycling to punch in the popular Nyhavn full of restaurants with delicious and fresh eel and herring Go to the Amalienborg Palace to watch […]