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Hallstatt: the Most Beautiful Town, the Source of Inspiration for the Kingdom of Allendale (Frozen)

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Vienna, world music, The Golden Hall, the blue Danube, Schönbrunn Palace

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Reine: the Biggest Fishing Village, a Dreamy world

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Paris, France, romantic, Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles

No where can be more romantic than Paris Watching the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo in the Louvre Appreciate the different style of Notre Dame de Paris from the famous novel Dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower Listen to the La Marseillaise in the Arc de Triomphe Don’t forget to go to […]

Switzerland Top 10 City Destinations

Switzerland Top 10 City Destinations 10 Montreux 9 lausanne 8 Lugano 7 Lauterbrunnen 6 Zurich 5 Berne 4 Geneva 3 Lucerne 2 zermatt 1 interlaken

Salzburg,Salzburg Castle, Central Europe,Salzburg Cathedral, full of fairy tales atmosphere

Salzburg is the hometown of Mozart Who is regarded as one of the most musical genius in history He composed many immortal works here Salzburg Castle is located on the Fortress Hill Is the best preserved castle in Central Europe Salzburg Cathedral is the most conspicuous building in the city Brilliant appearance and huge dome […]

Bled: Trip to the Eye of Europe, Boating at the Lake

Bled at Slovenia Known as the Eye of Europe The mountain is the horizon, and the lake is the blue eye, The church on the small island in the lake is its center. In the morning smoke clouds rise, like a fairyland Soon the smoke cleared, revealing a beautiful reflection In the afternoon, the island […]

Europe Top 10 things to do

10 Boating in Venice 9 Sunset in Santorini 8 Walking in Hallstatt 7 Architecture in Prague 6 Concert in Vienna 5 Balloon flight at Cappadocia 4 Driving in Iceland 3 Monuments in Rome 2 Ski at Alps 1 Aurora in Norway

Cambridge, romantic , melodious,I’m leaving gently,As I come gently

Rafting Cambridge is romantic and melodious Shuttle on the corner of the college here Permeated with a strong antique book fragrance Gardens, churches and small bridges at the right place Old buildings and college atmosphere everywhere People who come to Cambridge will have their own reasons to fall in love with it I’m leaving gently […]

West Europe Top 10 Destinations

West Europe Top 10 Destinations 10 Royal Palace of Spain, Madrid 9 Lake District National Park, UK 8 Louvre Museum, Paris 7 Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany 6 British Museum, London 5 Palace of Versailles, Paris 4 Eiffel Tower, Paris 3 Scottish highlands 2 Mont Saint Michel, France 1 Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Faroe Islands,the most beautiful island in the world, a forgotten paradise on earth

National Geographic once rated as the most beautiful island in the world Faroe Islands in Denmark Language can hardly describe the magnificence here A forgotten paradise on earth Life is too short Hurry up and watch the world with traveldom

Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, churches and Victorian buildings, Scottish Bridge

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland With many ancient churches and Victorian buildings Walk the Royal Mile to touch the pulse of the city Standing on Calton Hill and overlooking the city Visit the Magnificent Edinburgh Castle Enjoy an British afternoon tea Sip an authentic whisky Look at the engineering marvel of the Scottish Bridge Scotland […]