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Hallstatt: the Most Beautiful Town, the Source of Inspiration for the Kingdom of Allendale (Frozen)

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Vienna, world music, The Golden Hall, the blue Danube, Schönbrunn Palace

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Reine: the Biggest Fishing Village, a Dreamy world

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Sintra, the most famous castle in Portugal

Sintra has the most famous castle in Portugal Pena Palace is the King’s Palace for holidays The majestic appearance of red and yellow Embedded with a variety of architectural styles The fortress is a bit like the Great Wall of China Cape Roca is the westernmost point of Eurasia The lighthouse has sailed through many […]

Santorini: The Romantic Place, Unforgettable Stop, Wedding Temple, Beach, White house…

The unforgettable blue in life Free Land described by Plato Santorini in Greece Blue roof church Is the most romantic wedding temple in the world Oia has the most beautiful sunset in the world Watching together with your lover is an extremely romantic thing With typical Aegean Scenery Sun, beach, sea, blue sky and white […]

Stockholm, Capital of Sweden

The annual Nobel Prize is issued here Stockholm, Capital of Sweden All the scales are just right, Not too big to be empty, and not too small to be depressing, The old city has historic buildings with bright colors and elegant curves. There are also cold and noble buildings along the coastline staggered along the […]

Malta, the European secret garden

Countless appearances in “Game of Thrones” From the Governor’s Mansion, the cliff, the King Landing’s Gate, the Dragon’s Cave to the square and the sanctuary Everywhere there is Malta The whole country consists of five small islands: Malta, Gozo, Comino, Conmino and Ferfra There are traces of human life seven thousand years ago With a […]


You must come to Pisa to see this leaning tower This architectural miracle stands on the Miracle Square Its original intention was a bell tower Later, it overwhelmed the host and turned the Pisa Cathedral next door into the background. It took 200 years to build After four major earthquakes It took another 600 years […]

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal,Belem Tower

The era of great navigation begins here Lisbon, the capital of Portugal Streets Ups and downs in the city And the yellow tram going up and down the ramp makes here a charming place The 500-year-old Belem Tower is a landmark of the city The April 25th Bridge resembling the Golden Gate Bridge in San […]


Byron said it is the most beautiful encounter between land and ocean Montenegro The towering mountains in the seat plunge into the sparkling blue water, The red-roofed buildings of the ancient city spread along the mountain Outside the city is a resort full of yachts Inside the city is a well-planned medieval coastal defense town […]

United Kingdom Top 10 Destinations

United Kingdom Top 10 Destinations 10 Glenfinnan Viaduct 9 Tower Bridge, London 8 Oxford University 7 British Museum, London 6 Cambridge University 5 Old Town, Edinburgh 4 Lake District National Park 3 Buckingham Palace, London 2 Windsor Castle, London 1 Scottish highlands

Berlin(Germany version),berlin wall,Brandenburg Gatex

Berlin This city was once devastated by war Is glowing with its new charm Walk through the berlin wall Feel people’s willingness to fight for freedom The Brandenburg Gate embodies the history of the city The Memorial to the Murdered Jews consists of 2,711 concrete monuments of varying heights There are many classical buildings on […]