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Byron said it is the most beautiful encounter between land and ocean Montenegro The towering mountains in the seat plunge into the sparkling blue water, The red-roofed buildings of the ancient city spread along the mountain Outside the city is a resort full of yachts Inside the city is a well-planned medieval coastal defense town […]

United Kingdom Top 10 Destinations

United Kingdom Top 10 Destinations 10 Glenfinnan Viaduct 9 Tower Bridge, London 8 Oxford University 7 British Museum, London 6 Cambridge University 5 Old Town, Edinburgh 4 Lake District National Park 3 Buckingham Palace, London 2 Windsor Castle, London 1 Scottish highlands

Berlin(Germany version),berlin wall,Brandenburg Gatex

Berlin This city was once devastated by war Is glowing with its new charm Walk through the berlin wall Feel people’s willingness to fight for freedom The Brandenburg Gate embodies the history of the city The Memorial to the Murdered Jews consists of 2,711 concrete monuments of varying heights There are many classical buildings on […]


see more videos , go to Cologne on the Rhine river is the fourth largest city in Germany Old and elegant The famous Cologne Cathedral is a gem of art There are the remains of the Three Doctors of the East Hohenzollern Bridge was built in 1907 It is an important railway hub in […]

St Petersburg,winter palace,Russia

300 years old St. Petersburg Openness in the vicissitudes of life Passionate embedded in cultural fusion The winter palace or the Hermitage is one of the four largest museums in the world It takes 20 years to look at each work for five minutes Palace Square is the center of the city Nevsky Prospekt is […]

Neuschwanstein Castle, the prototype of Disney Castles in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany Is the prototype of Disney Castles The white castle stands on a high mountain Overlooking the surrounding mountains and lakes From a distance, it looks like a fairy tale castle of dreams Coming closer, the majesty and dream are perfectly combined in the towering city wall Especially in the twilight, the […]

Italy Top 10 Destinations

Italy Top 10 Destinations 10 Manarola 9 Gradara castle 8 Val Gardena 7 Procida Harbor 6 Cathedral, Milan 5 Venice 4 Burano 3 Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore,Florence 2 Colosseum, Rome 1 Leaning Tower of Pisa

Porto,Portugal,Douro River ,world-famous Port wine

Porto is a port city in northern Portugal A fortified city that Napoleon could not conquer Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series at the Lero Bookstore here The winding Douro River runs through the middle of the city And time seems to stay on one side of the river The old town on the high […]

Lithuania | Vocation Travel Guide

Lithuania is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea.There is a medieval red roof town.There are ancient and magnificent church buildings.Historic streets of ancient towns.And charming red brick castles.Embedded in the jasper-like lake.Come to Traveldom to see more scenery.

Scottish Highlands, castle in Scotland, magnificent coastline

The epic scenery of the Scottish Highlands Appeared in many movies “Brave Heart” was shot here The “Harry Potter” train to the school of magic drove here The Scottish atmosphere of Eilean Donan Castle Used to be the background of the film “007” Also known as the most beautiful castle in Scotland As the hometown […]

Brugge, the Venice of Belgium

Bruges in Belgium Known as the Venice of Belgium Surrounded by rivers in the city and massive water lanes Has a strong medieval style It is more rustic, peaceful and comfortable than Venice The market square is the center of the old city The town hall is in the old late Gothic style The medieval […]

Prague, Charles Bridge, Vltava River

Prague, the unbearable beauty of life Bells, birdsong, red tiles, rain, and stone roads intertwined into Prague’s morning Quiet Vltava River Flowing across the Charles Bridge The swans are playing freely Gradually, the sun pierced the clouds and covered Prague with a golden coat Not far away, a large group of ancient buildings stands Row […]