Iceland, ice fields and volcanoes, glaciers, fairyland,volcanic rocks, deserts

An island full of ice fields and volcanoes The most beautiful demonstration of the song of ice and fire Iceland Wrapped in silver in winter, thousands of miles are frozen The waterfall flows among the glaciers The aurora in the night sky turns colorful As if coming to the end of the world Just endless […]

Jiuzhai Valley

At Jiuzhai Valley, water weaves here into waterfalls, sea lakes and sea of trees with lifelong loyalty To form the Spring full of peach blossoms, a fairy tale world that does not discern where it comes from The sea of trees in the morning, with water, softly trickle them, and soft shadows illuminate the water […]

Yosemite, waterfalls, A natural wonder

A natural wonder that makes people silent and cry Yosemite Canyon formed from the ice age Decorated with various waterfalls The half-dome huge rock is a holy place for climbers The panoramic view from Glacier Point is unforgettable for a lifetime Hike in the jungle, Play in the creek Be in a daze in the […]