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Worldwide Top 10 Historical Sites

Worldwide Top 10 Historical Sites top 10 Rome Colosseum, Italy 9 Terracotta Warriors, China 8 Kyoto, Japan 7 Angkor Wat, Cambodia 6 Maya, Mexico 5 Easter island, Chile 4 Taj Mahal, India 3 Great Wall, China 2 Athens Acropolis, Greece 1 Pyramids, Egypt

World wide Top 10 Travel Islands

全球十大海岛 World wide Top 10 Travel Islands 10 巴厘岛 Bali 9 普吉岛 Phuket 8 毛里求斯 Mauritius 7 夏威夷 Hawaii 6 法罗群岛 Faroe Islands 5 斐济 Fiji 4 帕劳 Palau 3 塞舌尔 Seychelles 2 马尔代夫 Maldives 1 大溪地 Tahiti

Worldwide top 10 City Nights

Worldwide top 10 City Nights top 10 10 Australia Sydney 9 England London 8 USA Las Vegas 7 Japan Tokyo 6 China Shanghai 5 Singapore 4 Czech Republic Prague 3 China Hong Kong 2 USA New York 1 UAE Dubai

The Top 20 Places to Travel

No. 1 Paris No where can be more romantic than Paris Watching the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo in the Louvre Appreciate the different style of Notre Dame de Paris from the famous novel Dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower Listen to the La Marseillaise in the Arc de Triomphe Don’t forget […]


If life has a white dress If the world has a far end Then it must be Antarctica Entering here, you broke into a foreign planet Like a wandering in heaven And the ancient song that flows in silence Penguins naturally vent their joy On the vast rest of the icefield The glaciers of Paradise […]

Lunar tourism , lunar base, space trip to the moon

Lunar tourism may be possible in the near future As the only companion of the Earth Looking back at the blue home from the moon Surely unforgettable in life time Many countries are now preparing to build a lunar base Would you like to make a space trip to the moon? Come to Traveldom and […]