The Top 20 Places to Travel

No. 1 Paris

No where can be more romantic than Paris Watching the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo in the Louvre Appreciate the different style of Notre Dame de Paris from the famous novel Dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower Listen to the La Marseillaise in the Arc de Triomphe Don’t forget to go to Palace of Versailles With cuxurious, rich and imaginative buildings Sip coffee in the most beautiful garden in France Stroll the Champs Elysées and taste fashion and parasols

No. 2 London

Once the empire where the sun never sets its center is London Tower Bridge is its main entrance Big Ben is its business card Watch a magnificent changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace Take a ride on the London Eye and overlook the magnificent view over a 25-mile radius Admire the magnificent Westminster Abbey Then go to Windsor Castle in the suburbs to see 900 years of royal history Try aristocratic sports equestrian Go to the Thames in the evening and watch the London Eye turn into a huge blue halo Big Ben and Tower Bridge put on gold clothes to form the ultimate dream Come to Traveldom for a trip to England together

No. 3 Kyoto

Cherry blossoms enjoy pink romance Maple Leaf shines red passion Early winter snow conveys white tenderness And Kyoto has them all Spring season entertains rain-like cherry blossoms Just like Splendid life While at Golden Pavilion Temple in November frost-covered leaves are redder than the flowers of spring Touched by autumn, one’s figure grows slender Soaked in frost, the chrysanthemum blooms full. Golden Pavilion Temple hands down the stories of famous Monk Gion is full of pretty kimonos And the red temple doors lead to the endpoint of the world Experience Japan, just visit Kyoto

No. 4 Grand Canyon

Colorado Grand Canyon With orange sunset, colorful as a big palette Rock like stacks of books Changing layer by layer Red, purple, brown, milky white or blue Which God created in hundreds of millions of years Living Geology Textbook Take a helicopter to obtain bird’s eye view Or ride a mule slowly among the cliffs Or get in close touch on foot Raft on the Colorado River Use gestures to share joy with the Indian boatman Or enjoy the dance of Indian tribes Enjoy this shocking ancient cliffs and mountain waves To wash away all your confusion and fatigue

No.5 Florence

The city of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael Florence, also known as Firenze The Renaissance begins here The whole city is covered by orange roof tiles, Lazily lying in the green of the mountains, The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is spectacular Giotto’s Bell Tower is elegant David’s sculpture, Fontana dil Nettuno Artworks can be seen everywhere at Piazza della Signoria At dusk, the setting sun is full at Ponte Vecchio You probably can’t imagine the scenery in front of you Exactly the same as what Michelangelo saw 500 years ago Come to Traveldom and enjoy an art feast

No. 6 Yosemite

A natural wonder that makes people silent and cry Yosemite Canyon formed from the ice age Decorated with various waterfalls The half-dome huge rock is a holy place for climbers The panoramic view from Glacier Point is unforgettable for a lifetime Hike in the jungle, Play in the creek Be in a daze in the mountain lake, Until the sun goes down

No. 7 Santorini

The unforgettable blue in life Free Land described by Plato Santorini in Greece Blue roof church Is the most romantic wedding temple in the world Oia has the most beautiful sunset in the world Watching together with your lover is an extremely romantic thing With typical Aegean Scenery Sun, beach, sea, blue sky and white houses As if countless sky and sea are stacked together Take a walk and you will forget yourself

No. 8 San Francisco

The palette in God’s hand Inadvertently becoming America’s most beautiful entrepreneurial city San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in orange Fisherman’s Wharf in blue Transamerica Pyramid Building in pure white The colorful Lombard Street in four seasons Six sisters houses in different colors Also the Palace of Arts with Greco-Roman architecture Alcatraz Island, once the most famous prison in USA Shopping Paradise Union Square America’s largest Chinatown, are all worth visiting

No. 9 Amsterdam

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is called the Venice of the North Bridges and rivers are crisscrossed Charming windmill Intoxicating tulips The legendary artist Van Gogh Fragrant cheese Unique buildings are the business card of the city Dam Square is full of history The Keukenhof Park has more than 100 kinds of tulips White is pure, red is gorgeous yellow is delicate, purple is soft Wander the sea of flowers and enjoy the romantic touch of Holland

No. 10 West Lake, Hangzhou

Compare West Lake with the prettiest girl, Light or heavy makeups are always suitable. Hangzhou, half mountain and lakes with half city buildings, West Lake, the surface of the water is flat and the clouds are low. On a sunny day, the water is bright and sunny, It is also amazing that the mountains are vivid and charming on rainy days. There is nothing like this in heaven on earth. Come to Traveldom to taste West Lake.

No.11 Maldives

A place to be in a daze Heavenly leisure and laze The Maldives More than a thousand coral islands, like pearls scattered on both sides of the equator The necklace that God casts on earth Dip in the sea in the morning and drink a glass of lady wine Stare blankly at the pure sea with the sky swaying And jump into the mirror-like sea at will Join the colorful and vibrant underwater world Snorkeler, or deep diving An intimate talk with the ocean citizens While watching them dancing After lunch, board the helicopter and come to the atoll Enjoy the jade beads shaking from the sky Or lie down comfortably on the white long beach Just the wind of the coconut grove To blow away all your earthly troubles Approaching sunset In the gradual change from purple to rose red Taste the splendor of a lifetime Until the stars swallow all the light Come and wash the soul and find your true self

No. 12 Singapore

Garden City Singapore There is an Avatar World in Gardens by the Bay Flower dome and cloud forest like eyes Giant Sky Tree At night there is a fantasy light show The famous Merlion in the business district Let this city have another name as the Lion City The Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands are spectacular at night Must try the national dish chili crab Come to Traveldom to experience the Lion City

No. 13 Cairo

Come to Cairo In the vast desert, On the banks of the Nile, In front of temples and pyramids, Have a conversation that travels through time and space. Pyramid overlooks the world for seven thousand years On both sides of the Nile, tall palm trees sway in the wind The Cairo Museum houses the treasures of ancient civilizations Come to Traveldom to start your trip to Egypt

No. 14 Kenya

Hemingway describes here the incredible white light The snow of Mount Kilimanjaro Kenya An incredible country The elephants live peacefully waving their nose Pink flamingos fly all over the sky The giraffe stomps leisurely Zebra herd always stay alert Because lions often roam nearby The rhino sticks to its slow lifestyle Ostriches keep their graceful pace at all times Come to Kenya, come to the paradise of animals

No. 15 Washington DC

Washington DC is the heart of America Capitol Hill White House Also the best place for museums in the world From Indian tribes to space travel Various museums gather in one place Washington Monument in front of the Lincoln Memorial Forrest Gump and Jenny are reunited here And in the cherry blossom season, a boundless faint pink Let you see the other side of romance of DC

No. 16 Phuket Island

Come to Phuket to relax Experience the Coconut Shadow Swayying The water is clear and white and the sea is blue Diving to explore the underwater world Watch the stunning sunset at the ends of the world There are peculiar types of limestone in Phang Nga Bay 007 movie James Bond Island is also here in the bay Paradise Bay is always calm Choose a seaside pool

No. 17 Seoul, Korean

Seoul is Capital of Korean wave You can find Korean drama scenes in the streets and alleys See the vicissitudes of history in Gyeongbokgung Palace Go to Myeongdong to experience modernity and shopping spree Take a walk in Bukchon Hanok Village to feel the crossing to old days Climb to Seoul Tower at night to pray for love Finally enjoy a Korean barbecue to end the trip Come to Traveldom to experience Korea

No. 18 Bled

Bled at Slovenia Known as the Eye of Europe The mountain is the horizon, and the lake is the blue eye, The church on the small island in the lake is its center. In the morning smoke clouds rise, like a fairyland Soon the smoke cleared, revealing a beautiful reflection In the afternoon, the island fell into the blue lake water The castle guarded by thousands of generations on the cliff And thousands of silver snow water dance across the sky around the distant mountains At sunset, the golden sky is reflected in the lake Until the night lights up Take an unforgettable trip on the boating at Bled lake

No. 19 Hallstatt

Hallstatt in Austria Known as the most beautiful town in the world Colorful light and shadow home, Graceful swan, The rippling blue waves beside the lofty mountains As if from a greeting card picture blessing peace and tranquility See from the lake Blocks of wooden houses facing the lake and quiet church spires Become the source of inspiration for the Kingdom of Allendale in Movie Frozen

No. 20 Montenegro

Byron said it is the most beautiful encounter between land and ocean Montenegro The towering mountains in the seat plunge into the sparkling blue water, The red-roofed buildings of the ancient city spread along the mountain Outside the city is a resort full of yachts Inside the city is a well-planned medieval coastal defense town Tara Bridge stills tells the thrills of World War II And the black lake is like a piece of jasper Lie quietly to heal your body and mind This small Balkan country is worth your visit

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