Shandong style Breakfast

Today we’re going to show to you a real, authentic Shandong-style breakfast, which we had in the small county of Heze in China’s Shandong province. In Heze in general there are not many foreigners around – or people from other parts of China, for that matter. And so the restaurant only catered for local people. The food in China is very varied, but in the “heartlands” of China a lot of the food is available in many regions, but with important regional variations. And so you’ll probably find similar food in other regions also, but not with exactly the same taste or in this combination. Our breakfast consisted of one type of soft cake or bread, cooked and fried dumplings and three types of soup. The soups are: hulatang (胡辣汤 – spicy pepper soup), doufunao (豆腐脑 – tofu brain) and huzhou (糊粥 – burned congee). The cake is called shaobing (烧饼 – roasted cake) and the dumplings are shuijianbao (水煎包 – water fried bags).

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