10 Places in Beijing, China to See the Snow in Winter

  • January 28, 2022

The 24th Olympic Winter Games will be held on February 4, 2022 in Beijing, the capital of China until February 20. This will be the first time that China will host the Winter Olympics. And as one of the host locations, Beijing has thus become the first city to successfully bid for both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Most of the winter tourism in Beijing is to enjoy the snow, ice waterfalls, skiing, skating, hot springs, etc. So, where is the best place to travel in Beijing in winter?

1. The Palace Museum

The Forbidden City and the Longcheng are two must-see attractions in Beijing in winter. If it snows in Beijing, the first thing that comes to mind is the Forbidden City. Go to the vast palace grounds to savor the richness of Chinese history, and feel the vast atmosphere of a palace, as the so-called "spirit of heaven and earth". 

The best snow-watching spot in the Forbidden City is Jingshan. "Jingshan Pine Snow" is one of the "Eight Landscapes of the World". Jingshan is the commanding height of Beijing city. Most trees on the mountain are pine and cypress. 

Whenever the snow falls, these evergreen trees are covered with thick, fluffy white snow, like a thick fleece blanket, which is clean, elegant, and pleasing to the eye. In particular, the Wanchun Pavilion on the top of Jingshan, the Forbidden City, and the capital in the snow are very beautiful.

2. Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall

Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall is a national "AAAA-level scenic spot", with a total length of 6.8 kilometers. It is famous for its oddness, danger, steepness, and persistence. Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall is well-known at home and abroad, and is well-known all over the world.

In winter, when you come to Beijing to enjoy the snow, in addition to going outside the Forbidden City, the Great Wall is a must-see attraction in Beijing. 

What is the spectacular scenery of snow falling on the Great Wall? The best places to enjoy the snow in the Great Wall are Badaling and Gubeikou. In the winter, Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall is covered with white snow, and a piece of silver is wrapped in a piece of plain light, showing the light of the North. When you visit the Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall in winter, you can experience the beautiful artistic conception of lying on the snow.

3. Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is a national-level AAAA tourist attraction and the best-preserved large-scale royal garden. The Summer Palace will always give you different landscapes throughout the year. 

In winter, part of the Kunming Lake of the Summer Palace begins to freeze. When the sun goes down, the icy ice surface is intertwined with the warm sunset in the distance. Mount Longevity covered with white snow, it draws a beautiful picture of cold and warmth. Many people play on the ice. 

In addition to Kunming Lake, the Summer Palace in winter has another scenic spot, that is, before and after winter, when the sun shines obliquely, it will pass through the bridge holes of the Seven-hole Bridge. Every year around winter, a large number of photography enthusiasts go to take pictures.

4. Shichahai Scenic Area

Shichahai is a famous historical and cultural tourist attraction in Beijing. In winter, the most distinctive feature of Shichahai is skating. Every year after Shichahai freezes in winter, an ice rink is opened in Qianhai, which is a naturally formed ice rink. With a high reputation, the skating rink is divided into ice areas, skating areas, etc. 

In addition to skating, Shichahai retains the unique culture of Beijing's hutongs. The best-preserved Beijing hutongs are the Houhai area. In winter, Shichahai also has some special activities such as drinking on ice beds and reading skates. Shichahai Scenic Area has ancient historical sites such as Prince Gong’s Mansion, Song Ching Ling Memorial Hall, Guo Moruo’s former residence, as well as aspects of people’s life. Delicious food is also a major feature of the scenic spot.

5. Qingxia Tourist Area

Qingqing Gorge is one of the six scenic spots in Beijing. In winter, Qingqing Gorge becomes a world of ice sculptures and ice lanterns. The annual Ice Lantern Festival attracts many guests from all over the world. 

The climate of Qingqing Gorge is cold in winter and the freezing period is relatively long. Taking advantage of this unique natural condition, Qingqing Gorge has held the Ice Lantern Festival since 1987. The annual ice lantern art will be held around mid-January every year.

The ice lantern exhibition area is located under the huge dam of the ancient city's water reservoir, between the two gorges, the huge icicles formed by the natural infiltration of the two gorges constitute a rare ice waterfall spectacle, becoming the best natural background for the ice lantern exhibition area

The lanterns in Valley are dazzling, the ice and snow sculptures are ambiguous; the lanterns and lanterns complement each other, and the icy and snowy Qingxia Gorge has become a dream world and a sea of ​​joy.

6. Taoyuan Fairy

Taoyuan Fairy Scenic Spot has dense gorges with dense forests, numerous pools and waterfalls, majestic mountain peaks, and a beautiful environment, especially one lake, six waterfalls, and ten three pools. 

In winter, there are wonders of ice and snow. More than 80 landscapes are embedded in it, forming a natural landscape gallery of Xanadu. Every winter, Taoyuan Fairy is famous for its nice scenery. Entering the Taoyuan Fairy Scenic Spot is like entering the world of ice and snow. You can see ice ridges, ice waterfalls, ice flowers, ice hangings, ice caves, and other landscapes everywhere. 

In order to meet the different needs of ice climbing enthusiasts, ice climbing areas with different difficulties are set up, which can be used as training venues for ice climbing enthusiasts; the Tongle ice climbing area is 6 meters wide and 30 meters long, which can be used as primary and secondary schools. Ice climbing and entertainment venues, this is a relatively mature ice climbing venue in the city.

7. Heilong Pool

Heilong Pool is a national-level AAAA tourist attraction. Whenever spring or winter is approaching, geese come here to settle down, drink water, and look for food, so it is called "Luoyan Lake". Black Tan Gorge in winter is a pure white world adorned with snow and ice. 

The spectacle of ice waterfalls in Black Lake is a major feature of the scenic area. In Black Lake, you can see the ice of the three waterfalls and eighteen pools. The ice is crystal clear. Various ice waterfalls, ice hangings, icicles, and other scenery.

In addition to watching the wonders of ice waterfalls in the scenic spot, the ice entertainment area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters in the scenic spot can experience a number of ice entertainment activities, such as skating, riding an ice car, and skating ladders, etc., allowing you and your family to feel the excitement on the ice while playing. Have fun.

8. Shuangxia Gorge

Shuangxia Gorge is located 2.5 kilometers south of the village of Zhaitang Town. In winter, in addition to enjoying the snow, the two ice waterfalls in the scenic area are a major feature of Shuangxia Gorge. The unique giant natural ice waterfall in the scenic spot has a drop of more than 30 meters and a width of 12 meters, which is rare in North China. There are small ice bamboo shoots, ice lings, ice flowers, and ice waterfalls scattered along the way, with different shapes and quiet glaciers. It flows long and runs through the entire scenic area. From December to May of the next year, it is a good time for ice climbing in Shuangxia, and it is an ideal place for ice climbing lovers.

9. Beijing Xiangshan Park

Autumn in Beijing is relatively short, and winter soon enters. Generally, winter begins from the end of October to the beginning of November. At this time, the red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain are red, the weather becomes cold, the temperature difference between day and night increases, the leaves appear red, orange-red, and other beautiful colors. 

Xiangshan is most beautiful in winter, especially after it snows. There are many trees in Xiangshang Park, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 96%. When you go to Xiangshang to step on the snow, you can also feel the artistic conception of the forest, sea, and snow. In winter, you can also go skiing at the Wangshan Ski Resort, which is the most refreshing feeling.

10. Longmai Hot Spring Resort

The Longmai Hot Spring Resort is located in Xiaotangshan, Changping, Beijing, which is known as the "Ancient Hot Spring Town". Xiaotangshan was awarded the title of "Hometown of Hot Springs in China" in 2015. It is a good choice to soak in hot springs in winter for health care. 

The hot springs of the Kuwait Hot Spring Resort are divided into open-air hot springs and indoor hot springs. The 30 open-air hot spring pools with an elegant environment are hidden among the pines and cypresses. In the top bubble pool, you can overlook the whole view of the resort. 

The indoor hot springs Kumai Hot Spring Swimming Pool covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters and has a large indoor hot spring physiotherapy pool, acupuncture bath, gooseneck bath, air float bath, five baths, lover's bath, etc. The water entertainment is rich in Hot spring pools, special rafting, Gaoshan slides, high-temperature baths, beach baths, stone board baths, etc.


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