Explore French Cuisines When You Travel to France

  • January 27, 2022

France seems to be the embodiment of the two terms romance and taste. When it comes to France, we can't help but think of the beautiful temples on the Champs-Elysees, the dark lights on the Seine, the romantic love on the new bridge. Of course, there is art-like French food. 

The French love pasta and there are many kinds of bread. Most of them love cheese, and beef, duck, caviar, and foie gras are French. But the French do not eat animal guts, scaleless fish, and prickly fish outside the liver. 

French cuisine pays attention to atmosphere and etiquette, pay more attention to the collocation of dishes and wine, different dishes with the other wine. The suitable wine will add to the delicacy of the meat. Eating a mouthful of meat and drinking a mouthful of wine will make you feel the delicious meat more.

French cuisines: 

French Champagne, produced from the French Champagne region

All kinds of red and white wines, Bordeaux and Burgundy are famous producers.

Various cheese

In 1962, French President Charles de Gaulle asked: "How do you govern a country with 246 kinds of cheese?"  The variety of each cheese has led some to claim close to 1,000 to 1,600 different types of French cheese. French cheeses are roughly divided into eight categories, "Les Huit familles de Fromage.”

Chicken Fricassee(Fricassée de Poulet)

Beef Burgundy(Boeuf Bourguignon)

Lobster bisque

Escargot(Escargots à la Bourguignonne)

Escargot is usually cooked snail meat with plenty of butter, garlic, and parsley, sometimes with dried cheese crumbs or even truffles depending on the chef's taste.

French specialty bread:  

Baguette, Croissant.

Don't miss out on the cuisine featured in these four French locations.


The three-star Michelin restaurants in Paris are world-famous, with rich celebrities spending thousands of dollars and adhering to the rules.

Ordinary Parisians, on the other hand, are nostalgic for unrestrained open-air cafes, affordable and authentic restaurants on street corners, and a day of croissants and black coffee, which may better represent the delectable character of Paris.


The most famous dish in Marseille is Marseille Fish soup (Bouillabaisse). It is a soup made with sea fish and shrimp. It was initially a civilian soup for the fisherman's wife to warm the husband in the sea. 

Marseille is not lacking good restaurants, you can taste the Provence fish soup, pieds et paquets, navette, ratatouille, soupe au pistou, bourride, aioli and other food can also be caught here.


Lyon is known as the "food capital",  in addition to the famous 3-star restaurant in the suburbs, there are many cheap restaurants that can taste famous dishes. Lyonnaise cuisine includes the favorite  French pork sausage(Rosette de Lyon), Deuil (with mushrooms between the chicken skin and meat, and stock stew), and Lyon Quenelles (putting fish balls with sauce barbecue). 

Lyon's cheese is world-renowned, with over 100 varieties producing a distinct flavor. In addition to slicing directly, the melted cheese can be mixed with wine, cold meat, and potatoes as a physical supplement. Wine can be consumed as a meal. Hermitage and other white wines can be served.


As the capital of Burgundy, Dijon has many unique food specialties and is one of the French food paradises. The most famous food is Dijon mustard (moutarde de dijon), others including black currant sweet wine (cream de cassis), spice bread (pain d'epice) , snail (escargot), and so on.

Mustard, now a famous Dijon specialty, had already appeared at the tables of significant banquets in the 14th century. 

Founded in 1777 (Grey-Poupoo at the intersection of Liberty Road and Castle Road) always attracts many foodies to buy during weekdays or peak season.

It is unclear whether another famous Dijon dish, the —— snail, was invented in the Middle Ages, as so far, no relevant record has been found. But that doesn't stop visitors from enjoying the Le Bistrot des Halles, including Burgundy snail (escargots de Bourgogne), and other traditional dijon dishes such as parsley ham (jambon persille) and Burgundy beef (boef bourguignon).

Say "Bon Appetit" before you enjoy the cuisine!


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