10 Best Things to Do in Tokyo

  • February 1, 2022

Tokyo is full of vitality and a sense of the times, with the most cutting-edge architectural design and the most popular fashion styles at the moment, there are crossroads crowded with people during the day and noisy nightlife.

Tokyo is also a city that retains the essence of Japanese cultural traditions. The same wedding ceremony was held in the Meiji Shrine as it was hundreds of years ago, and old people wearing kimonos can also be seen walking into the small shrine in the high-rise blocks.

In addition to the traditional sightseeing spots, Tokyo's charm is more reflected in its streets and alleys, and the different administrative districts show their own characteristics, which will never leave travelers feeling that there is nothing to do.

1. Romance under the indispensable cherry trees

Cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan, which is regarded by the Japanese as a Japanese spiritual symbol in modern times. Every spring, sitting on the ground with friends and relatives and drinking while enjoying the cherry blossoms is the most important thing of the year.

Ueno Park, Chidorigafuchi, Shinjuku Gyoen, Miuhekawa are all good places to watch cherry blossoms. The best time to watch and shoot cherry blossoms is a few days from blooming to blowing snow, and the night and lighting effects of night cherry blossoms have a different flavor. 

The festival will sell snacks such as roasted fairy shellfish, snapper burning, and so on. Please, like a local person, prepare a garbage bag to keep the cherry trees clean and beautiful.

2. Experience Tokyo nightlife

The best way to experience the magic of Tokyo is to get high when the night falls, and the best scenery of Tokyo will unfold. At night, the landmark Tokyo Tower is warm orange, glowing; the sky trees are bright cool, the city like millions of shining stars, rows of buildings are beautiful at night, the lights form natural boundaries, and the roads are decorated with car lights. 

Good places to view Tokyo's night scene include the Tokyo Tower, the Sky Tree, the World Trade Center Building, and Telecom Center Prospect Station, Metropolitan Government Building, etc.

3. Meet the New Year with the Tokyo people

Although Tokyo is a modern city, Japan's traditional New Year's Day is still valued here. After Christmas, all the shops in Tokyo will have very Japanese pine decorations. On December 31, you can watch the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen——Japan's most popular music event of the year, or join the carnival on Shibuya streets to greet the countdown bell. The next day, Tokyo people will go to the city in costume, many women will wear the most luxurious kimono, and travelers can join them, and then go to various stores to buy New Year's lucky bags, which is a very festive atmosphere. If you stay in a family hotel or a hot spring hotel, you can also eat New Year's cuisine and make rice cakes with the locals.

4.Try on kimonos in Asakusa

The kimono, also known as Wu Clothing in Japanese, is very expensive. An ordinary kimono costs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the wearing procedures are complex, so the Japanese usually wear it on important occasions such as graduation, blind dates, marriage, and festivals. 

In Tokyo, you can spend hundreds of yuan to rent a set of your favorite kimono for help, and sit in a traditional rickshaw photo. You can also rent cheaper and style bathrobes in Summer and visit Tokyo with locals.

5. Dating at the world's only ocean-themed Disneyland

Tokyo has two Disney theme parks, named after the Tokyo Disney Sea is the world's only ocean-themed Disney. The park built near the sea makes full use of the elements of water, and all the projects are related to water. Compared to other Disney parent-child design ideas, the Disney Ocean experience is more thrilling and interesting, suitable for exciting adults and couples to go. 

6. Walk on the streets of Tokyo

Suitable areas for walking in Tokyo include the Edo shallow grass, Chaiya, Akasaka, and Hantaki, which retain many old shops and a century-old layout. You can enjoy a bowl of tempura buckwheat noodles in the Showa store streets. The western and exquisite Freedom Hill and other places are full of dessert shops, coffee shops, and fashion boutiques, which are most suitable for girls to go together. 

Ginza, the University of Tokyo, and Japan Bridge have witnessed the modern history of Japan, retaining the traces of the Meiji period, Dazheng, and Showa to the present day; Six wood, table participate in not only the high-scale consumption places but also represents the highest level of Japanese contemporary architectural design.

Tokyo has designed a comfortable walking environment for pedestrians, with tree-lined streets clean and spacious, and polite motorists. Walking may be the best way to experience the civilization of the city.

7. Taste the Michelin restaurant

Tokyo is a paradise for gourmands and a favorite city for the Michelin food guide. Compared with the high consumption level of Michelin-star restaurants in European and American countries, Tokyo has a much wider price selection range, ranging from buckwheat noodles of about 1,000 yuan yen to the sushi god of 30,000 yen per person, all appearing on the Michelin list. 

Whether it is the representative Japanese white stone cuisine, high-grade beef, holding sushi, pufferfish banquet, eel rice, or three-star French dinner, innovative molecular food, foodies will always find and have surprises in Tokyo.

8. Feel the passion of the baseball games live

Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan and a household name. During the league, baseball games are broadcast live on TV almost every day. Each league brings a lot of economic benefits to Japan, and Japan's universities and high schools have a considerable number of baseball teams.

Two large professional leagues, the Central League and the Pacific League run from April to October each year, and finally, meet in the final playoffs in Japan. The Tokyo Dome baseball stadium is the place where the final game is played, and it is also a famous tourist spot. When there is no game, large-scale concerts are also held here.

9. Find the footprints of the loyal dog Hachiko

Many people may have heard the true and touching story between the loyal dog Hachiko and his master. In 1987, the adapted true story starring Japanese actor Tatsuya Nakadai caused a sensation in Japan. In 2009, it was directed by American director Lesse Hallsdale and released in the United States. people.

Now this statue of the loyal dog Hachiko stands at the gate of Shibuya Station, where it has been waiting for its owner, as if it is still waiting for the arrival of its owner, giving people a sense of stability and peace. This is also the most famous meeting place in Shibuya, where countless fashionable men and women stand next to the Hachiko sculpture every day. Waiting for a date to arrive.

10. Feel the "hand-to-hand" culture

You might laugh when you see two fat men on TV fighting each other in a ring with their shameless panties at each other. But in Japan, sumo has a pivotal position and is respected as a "national skill" by the Japanese.

Most of the outstanding players are between 18-35 years old and have undergone strict training. Of course, the more “fat and fat” male sumo wrestlers are, the better it is. Therefore, in order to gain weight as much as possible, male sumo wrestlers have to eat a full meal every day. After two meals, sleep for a long time, during which only short training sessions are carried out.

If you want to know more about Japanese sumo culture, you can go to the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo to watch a sumo match and experience its charm live.


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