10 Top Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas, NV

  • February 14, 2022

Las Vegas, known around the world for its glitzy casinos, luxury themed resorts, and limitless entertainment options, is truly unlike any other place on Earth. The alluring sights, sounds, and shows of 'Sin City,' set amidst the arid and desolate confines of the Mojave Desert, lie in the south of Nevada, not far from lots of incredible scenery and landscapes.

While there is much more to Las Vegas than its Strip, the majority of the city's main tourist attractions, massive hotels, and iconic landmarks are concentrated along its busy boulevard. Not only is there the massive High Roller, but there are also celebrity chef-run restaurants and casinos that put on unforgettable Cirque du Soleil shows and music concerts. With so many things to do all day and all night, Las Vegas is a memorable holiday destination.

1.  The Strip

The Strip is the 2.5-mile-long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard, which runs through the city from northeast to southwest. This is what most people think of when they think of Las Vegas. It is lined with massive entertainment palaces, many of which have a defining theme and are home to performance venues, luxury hotel rooms, and fine dining.

Walking along the Strip and taking in the sights is a must-do in Las Vegas. It's especially impressive at night, when the city is illuminated by a never-ending stream of glittering neon signs. 

In general, the Las Vegas Strip extends from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Treasure Island Hotel. Stay on The Strip, preferably at one of the major resorts, to truly experience Las Vegas.

2. Stratosphere Tower (The Strat)

The Stratosphere Tower bills itself as the "tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States." The tower rises 1,149 feet, and the Skypod, the main attraction for visitors, is located at the very top.

There are numerous activities available on the Skypod's various levels. The SkyJump, Big Shot, X Scream, and Insanity are just a few of the heart-pounding thrill rides available.

Check out the indoor and outdoor observation decks with great views of the city if you want something a little less dramatic. The Top of the World Restaurant is an excellent choice for a delicious meal while admiring the views of the Las Vegas Strip in the distance.

3. Hoover Dam

The massive Hoover Dam, which straddles the Nevada-Arizona border, is surely a sight to behold. It is located 45 minutes east of the city, right adjacent to Lake Mead and all of its excellent recreational activities.

The huge dam, which stands over 200 meters tall in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, was built in 1935. Visitors can take tours of the dam to learn about its history, how it works, and the impact it has had on Las Vegas, in addition to soaking in its gorgeous surroundings and enjoying great views from atop it.

4. Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides

The Venetian Hotel is located on the Las Vegas Strip, across from Treasure Island. It is one of the city's finest resorts, with a plethora of interesting tourist attractions. Inside, there's a themed shopping arcade designed to look like Venice, complete with blue skies, canals, and gondoliers. The hotel also has recreations of Venice's main attractions, such as the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, among many others.

The Venetian Gondola Rides are an enjoyable way to tour the complex. Boats await passengers in front of the Venetian Hotel, near the sidewalk, and are then taken on a ride by their personable gondolier, who sings as they take you through the hotel's shopping arcade.

5. Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

Paris Las Vegas, located on the Strip, is one of the city's most easily recognized resorts. A scale model of the Eiffel Tower stands in front, and a recreation of the Paris Opera House can be found further down the street. The Eiffel Tower Experience, located 46 stories above the city streets, is an observation deck with incredible 360-degree views.

The posh and romantic Eiffel Tower Restaurant is one story below this, with great views of the Strip and the Bellagio dancing fountains. A mock hot air balloon festooned with neon and flashing lights is also on the property.

6. Red Rock Canyon

The breathtaking vistas and scenery of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area feel a million miles away from the sights and sounds of the Strip, while being only a twenty-minute drive west of the city. Its colorful canyons are a delight to explore, offering a variety of wonderful outdoor activities as well as breathtaking vistas and wildlife wherever you go.

The park, which is incredibly popular and gorgeous, attracts millions of people each year due to its accessibility, plenty of activities, and stunning landscape. You may do rock climbing, horseback riding, camping, or take beautiful drives among the ruddy rock formations in addition to hiking and bicycling.

7. Caesar's Palace and The Colosseum

Caesar's Palace, perhaps the most well-known of all Las Vegas hotel resorts, is still evolving. Caesar's Palace is currently a massive complex in the heart of the Strip, complete with every imaginable entertainment option.

The hotel is closely associated with performances at "The Colosseum," its massive concert venue. Top performers (including Celine Dion and Elton John) have performed here for extended periods of time, and shows are frequently sold out months in advance. Visitors who are planning a trip and hoping to see a performance here should check dates and ticket availability as soon as possible.

8. Mandalay Bay and the Shark Reef Aquarium

Mandalay Bay Resort is located near the Luxor hotel at the southwest end of the Strip. The Shark Reef Aquarium is one of the complex's main attractions. Sharks, fish, rays, reptiles, marine invertebrates, green sea turtles, and even a Komodo dragon are housed in the massive 1,300,000-gallon tank.

Over 100 sharks from 15 different species, as well as over 2,000 animals in total, are on display. The most impressive feature is the Shark Tunnel. Shark Reef, which is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, collaborates with wildlife biologists to protect endangered lake and marine populations and to rehabilitate injured animals.

9. Bellagio

Visitors to the Bellagio Casino, which is known for its dancing fountains, conservatory, and botanical gardens, can score a daily double. Because there are so many plants in the garden, it takes 140 horticulturists to keep it up to date and prepare holiday decorations. In the conservatory, experts answer tourists' horticultural queries on a daily basis.

The fountains, as beautiful as the gardens are, are even more so. Throughout the day and night, they explode in a combination of light and sound, spanning from opera to Broadway hits. It's difficult to disagree with Bellagio's description of this display as "the most ambitious, choreographically intricate water feature ever conceived."

10. Fremont Street

The Fremont Street Experience is a must-see for any visitor to Las Vegas. The Fremont Street Experience, located on a five-block stretch of Fremont Street known as Glitter Gulch in the city's early days, is a top-notch sound and light show that will dazzle the senses. Colorful light shows and loud music are performed several times per night beneath a 90-foot-high canopy.

Casinos and other businesses turn off their lights, signaling the start of a light show. More than 12 million LED lights illuminate the pedestrian mall in Las Vegas' historic district. The only way to describe the show is "totally awesome".


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