Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

  • May 21, 2022

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island, formerly known as Ceylon; now the name means "beautiful and sacred land",  the word like the people living here; you will see many smiling faces to you during your trip. The Lion Rock, the spectacular beaches, the ancient city of Galle, the alpine tea plantations, and the elephant orphanage, are the most famous tourist attractions here. Shrines and temples are the embodiment of the local culture. Many travel magazines have also hailed Sri Lanka as "the country with the most beautiful train line globally".

We have searched for some popular attractions in Sri Lanka for your reference.

1. Lion Rock

The Lion Rock, also known as the landmark of Sri Lanka and the eighth wonder of the world, has a magnificent palace in the sky at the top of the rock, which is now the lions' backyard, where they stand like guards waiting for every visitor.

Enjoy the frescoes on the stone walls on the spiral staircase, then climb to the top, in the best position to experience the grandeur of Lion Rock, and wait until dusk when the sun spills down, and you will see the most beautiful views. The beauty will enchant you.

2. Sri Lanka Tea Plantation

Sri Lanka's mild climate and favorable geographical location make it an excellent treasure trove for tea cultivation; and black tea is the most famous in Sri Lanka, and almost the whole world knows that this island is rich in black tea. The locals always brew a cup of strong black tea, plus a thick layer of milk, a square of sugar, and sip slowly.

There are hardworking and simple tea-picking women in the tea plantations, and it is a good experience to stroll here and enjoy a moment of peace.

3. Galle Castle

Galle Castle, also known as Galle Fortress, is an iconic symbol of the local landscape with its ancient old walls, witnessing the changes of the colonial period and excitingly still in place today.

It is also the guardian of the ancient city, having protected the entire city during the tsunami, and people today can continue to visit this intact World Heritage Site.

4. Elephant orphanage

The Sri Lanka Wildlife Department established the elephant orphanage in 1975 to care for homeless baby elephants, have fallen into pits or traps, have been removed from their herds, or are badly injured or unwell. The elephant orphanage welcomes tourists regularly, and some trained elephants put on acts to attract people and earn revenue. The Elephant Orphanage is now a must-see tourist attraction, with herds of elephants racing frantically to the river to bathe.

In Sri Lanka, elephants are also considered national treasures. The elephants are fed and washed here. Tourists are welcome to feed the elephants, and it is exciting to interact with these massive beasts.

With the success of the elephants, another paper firm was known as "Maximos" has gained prominence. This enterprise "takes the native material" transforming elephant dung into a treasure and converting it into high-quality paper. Paper goods created from elephant dung are being shipped to Japan, Europe, and the United States, and some of the world's most powerful politicians have used them.

Visitors may also purchase gorgeous notebooks made of elephant dung paper as souvenirs or presents for friends, which is a truly unique experience.

5. Beautiful train Lines

Sri Lanka boasts the world's most beautiful train line, which includes two sections: one that shuttles over high mountain tea plantations (the "high mountain train") and another that floats on the sea (the "sea train").

Alpine train: this segment, which runs from Khamti to Nuvolle Eliya, is recognized as "the most magnificent alpine railway line in the world" and is one of the most beautiful train lines globally. The entire trek takes roughly 7 hours. You may take the most fantastic scenic route from Nuwara Eliya to ELLA, which takes around 3.5 hours and requires you to board a train at Nanuoya train station. The train is lovely at about 1,800 meters, going past large blue tea fields and ancient woodland areas with clouds and mists.

There is also a section of the English town train scenic route that backpackers love worldwide. It is also the best and most beautiful section of the entire Sri Lanka train trip, where travelers from all over the world gather every day to wait for the train, an ancient steam train. However, the speed is extremely slow, but the experience of riding on this old and primitive mode of transport driving through the tea-scented mountainous terrain is unforgettable. It was like being in the film "A Thousand and One Nights. 

6. Jami-Ul-Alfar

The Red Mosque, erected in 1908, is a Colombo landmark. It features distinct Indian architectural hues and influences instead of the new and peaceful white, blue, and other light-colored mosques elsewhere. It stands out in the boisterous Beta sector, built-in 1908. It is reported that in the early twentieth century, many sailors sailing to Sri Lanka utilized it to determine if they were at the port of Colombo.  

7. World's End

The World's End is located in the Horton Plains National Park in the Nuwara Eliya District of Sri Lanka. It is a cliff with an excellent view. Many tourists go here to enjoy the most beautiful scenery. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the Nuwara Eliya District and all over the country.

It has a stunning landscape, and pristine ecology, and is full of adventure and mystery, especially when it comes to rainy and foggy weather, shrouded in a layer of fog. It is recommended to go in advance to determine the temperature. 

8. Yala National Park

Take an off-road adventure to the chilly African plains of Yala National Park, where you may see rare animals like the Ceylon leopard.

Yala National Park accounts for 2% of Sri Lanka's total land area. It is well-known for its unique natural habitat, including wet monsoon forest, dry monsoon forest, semi-deciduous forest, and tropical dry forest. Aside from woods, there are meadows, beaches, rivers, lakes, marshes, and wastelands, so if you enjoy animals, here is the place to be.

9. Negombo

Negombo is a charming hamlet located about seven kilometers from Sri Lanka's international airport.

It contains Sri Lankan cultures, exotic beaches, and all types of inexpensive seafood and is quiet and backward, which is Negombo's main draw. The seafood market here is well-known and highly recommended.

10. Mirissa

Mirissa is an excellent site to get up and personal with migrating blue whales and dolphins and sperm whales and whale sharks.

Aside from the beautiful beaches and strange whales, you may also encounter the only "stilt fisherman" in the Sri Lankan sea.

It will be an unforgettable trip.


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